Using Proviron

Using Proviron in a stack is fairly simple, Proviron is typically stacked with other more anabolic substances such as Deca Durabolin to enhance their effect and prevent estrogenic side effects.

This is because like most DHT derivative steroids Proviron does not aromatize into estrogen, however proviron has been shown to even help block other steroids from aromatizing as well.

Reasons People Use Proviron

There are some reasons to take proviron other than just to enhance an anabolic steroid cycle. These reasons include Bridging, Treating Sexual disinterest, Impotency, Low sperm count, as part of a treatment regiment to cure gynecomastasia or to combat the testosterone reducing effects of aging.

Medical treatment with proviron typically follows the dosage of 100mg / day split up into 4 doses throughout the day. usually after the first week most treatment plans advise the patients to reduce the dosage by 25mg/day and keep it there for the entire maintenance run.

Athletic Benefits of Proviron

People looking to gain muscle by taking proviron should take note of the fact that due to how rapidly proviron is reduced to inactive metabolites in muscle tissue it is not a good steroid to use to build muscle.

Stacking Proviron along with a testosterone blend like Testoviron or a DHT based steroid like winstrol depot is a good idea however, since the proviron has a double action enhancing the anabolic effects of these substances. First it enhances these effects by preventing them from aromatizing into estrogen, and then it also helps out by effectively keeping the enzymes in muscle tissue that break down anabolics busy.


Typically when an athlete is coming off external testosterone supplements he will need something to help kickstart natural testosterone production and reduce the effects of the temporary slump in natural testosterone production. a 100mg/day dose of proviron (taken as 4x 25mg tabs a day, spaced out evenly) is a good start, after the first week it’s recommended to reduce dosage by 25mg/day each week.

Dosage information

In order to enhance athletic results most athletes take between 100mg/day to 150mg/day. A dosage of this level is usually plenty to ward off gyno side effects from aromatization, and according to laborotory studies, dosages of over 150mg/day show no noticable increase in effects.

Women using Proviron will typically benefit from the added hardness and density of muscle tissue, while also enjoying an increased fat burning tendency and if they get the dosage too high, even a lower voice and possibly some chest hair.

Legal Disclaimer

Bear in mind, the author of this site is NOT A DOCTOR and you should definitely consult one before using this substance, but lets face facts here, you’d likely be taking proviron even if you hadn’t seen this site, and you probably wont even consider talking to your doctor about using an ILLEGAL steroid.